Templates and business guides

Whether you are a young entrepreneur starting your first venture, or a seasoned veteran with an established business, our guides and business templates are designed to help you set your business on the right path and increase your chances of success.


Marketing plan template

Download our free marketing plan template, and start preparing a marketing action plan that lets you reach new customers and grow your business.

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Business plan template

Prepare a professional business plan that gives you an excellent road map for your company and increases your chances of success with financing.

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Pitch deck template

Download this free PPT pitch deck template for start-ups to showcase your business and financial plans to lenders, investors and new clients.

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Balance sheet template

How much money do you owe? What’s the value of your assets? Download this free template to quickly calculate the financial health of your business.

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Cash flow statement template

How much cash is flowing through your business every month? Are you making enough cash to finance your normal activities? Find the answers with this free cash flow statement template.

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Cash flow calculator

Create cash flow projections and keep track of the money coming in and out of your business with these free Excel cash flow planners.

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SWOT analysis template

Download this free SWOT analysis template to rapidly identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats you are facing.

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Onboarding checklist

Download our comprehensive list of things to do to quickly get new employees onboard, up to speed and ready to make their best contribution.

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HR toolkit

Attract and retain top workers in a tight labour market with all the tools and resources you need to be competitive.

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Real estate toolkit

Buying or leasing real estate is one of the biggest investments you can make for your business. Get the facts you need in our free toolkit.

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Social media toolkit

Our free social media toolkit offers tips and advice to help you use this powerful tool to engage with millions of potential clients.

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Business transfer toolkit

Our free toolkit will help you prepare the sale of your business or buy a business, providing a winning strategy that maximizes your benefits.

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Business loan toolkit

Our free toolkit can help you get ready to apply for a business loan, with less time and stress. It can make the difference.

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Reference documents


Discover our free glossary designed to help you better understand the financial terms and phrases that all entrepreneurs should know.

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