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Why use this toolkit?

These free resources will help you understand your cash flow, set up proper financial processes and get a better understanding of best practices for small business financial management.

What's included

  • Two financial management guides for entrepreneurs

    Discover how to manage your cash flow and boost your profits.

  • Calculators and a tool

    Free tools to help you determine the amount of cash available to invest in new projects.

  • In-depth review of financial ratios

    Learn how to calculate and evaluate key financial ratios for your business.

  • Warning signs of financial trouble

    Learn how to avoid some of the most common challenges facing business owners.

  • 3 strategies to protect your profits from inflation

    Learn how to find the right balance between cutting costs and investing in growth.


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Money and finance

Who is it for?


Take control of you finances and ensure the financial sustainability of your business.

Financial manager

Get tools and advice to boost your financial management skills.

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