Financial support and resources available for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Support for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Intellectual Property-Backed Financing

Seeing the potential in your intellectual property (IP)

As you look to invest in your growth, you need a partner who sees more than hard numbers and assets; one that also considers the potential of your intellectual property.

BDC’s Intellectual Property-Backed Financing solution recognizes the value of your IP strategy to raise capital in support of your commercialization and expansion. Our team of experts delivers funding and guidance to growing companies with:

  • Emerging or established registered IP portfolios
  • Commercialized offering with at least $1M in revenue over last 12 months
  • Ambition and plan to be a global player

$160M financing envelope to support IP development in Canada

The first of its kind in Canada, our $160M fund provides customized, patient capital in the form of debt, quasi-equity and equity to scaling Canadian companies in knowledge-based industries. We will work with companies who have monetized their IP portfolios through product commercialization or licensing arrangements, or both.

  • Patient, flexible lending with terms structured to fit your needs
  • Convertible notes changing to minority equity investments so you maintain control of your business
  • Access to more capital earlier than you would get from a traditional lender
  • Strategic guidance from IP experts with extensive experience funding innovative companies

Important facts

IP-rich SMEs have potential

SMEs holding IP are:

1.6x more likely

to experience high growth

2x more likely

to innovate

3x more likely

to expand domestically

4.3x more likely

to expand internationally

Our Team

A team of experts in intellectual property

To support our IP investments, we formed a team under the leadership of Lally Rementilla. She and her colleagues have extensive experience funding innovative companies with intangible assets. They will manage this envelope and facilitate access to strategic advice at scale.

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