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Operational Efficiency

Optimize your operations for growth

Efficient operations are a must in today’s competitive market and digital technology landscape. We’ll take you through a structured approach that helps you fix your most pressing operational issues, boost your bottom line and set the stage for continuous improvement.

We help you

  • Optimize operations

    Assess your operations to identify sources of waste and improve your processes and capacity to better meet production demands.

  • Integrate digital

    Make the shift to digital by identifying the tools and technologies that will make your company more efficient and competitive.

  • Work smarter, not harder

    Build your internal capabilities, increase your team’s knowledge and autonomy and use tools to track your progress.

What you get

  • Virtual on site workshops

    Short, practical workshops rooted in real-word experience and focused on improving your team’s knowledge and problem-solving capabilities.

  • Practical tools and plans

    Tried and true operations management tools to help you implement best practices and a continuous improvement mindset.

  • Coaching and support

    Impartial advice from our consultants who can provide implementation support to effectively manage your operations and KPI monitoring.

Green Beaver

With rapid growth, we had started to see production delays. BDC helped us do a deep dive into our processes to improve operational efficiency and made the whole exercise smooth and painless!

André Giguère

At first, we couldn’t see the forest through the trees. Getting an external point of view from BDC’s experts helped us set our goals and priorities to improve our plant’s operational efficiency.

Eight Ounce Coffee Supply Ltd.

Our goal is to ensure the best customer experience possible. With BDC’s help, we were able to substantially improve our shipping turnaround time, which enables us to compete with larger players.

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