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Your priority is to find a dedicated, patient investor to help you succeed through growth and still maintain control of your business. Our Growth Equity Partners team provides minority equity investments to mid-market growth businesses looking to become leaders in their industry.

Building on the success of our initial fund, we are pleased to launch the Growth Equity Partners Fund II, a $250 million re-up aimed at empowering Canadian entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth strategy and scale into global champions.

Minority equity investments from $3M to $35M

We have the flexibility, depending on the scale of your capital needs, to participate, lead or be your sole partner in an equity transaction.

We are looking for established companies with:

  • demonstrated markets, as well as proven technology and business model;
  • experienced, knowledgeable and financially committed management teams; and
  • solid financial results and pro-forma expectations as evidenced by positive EBITDA.

Benefits of partnering with BDC

Our non-controlling interest in your business ensures you maintain control of your company.

A long-term partnership with expert guidance at the Board of Directors or operational levels.

Capacity to provide you with liquidity and the capital you need to grow.

Access to potential future rounds of growth capital.

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Our investment professionals know your local market, can help you achieve your next stage of growth and can provide sound advice on growth equity for your company.

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