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Employee management

Attract and retain the right talent.

So much of a business's success depends on the people behind it. By managing your people correctly, you can attract and retain employees who will help turn your business ideas into reality.

What you should know about managing employees


Firing employees

Sound advice for tackling this difficult task and protecting your business.


Keeping employees

Tips for keeping employee morale and productivity high to reduce turnover.


Managing employees

Best practices for improving employee satisfaction, performance and retention.


Paying employees

All employees want a fair wage. See what else will keep them happy at work.


Training employees

Ongoing training and development can keep employees motivated. Here’s how.

What you should know about recruiting employees


Attracting top talents

Here’s how to find and retain the right candidates—even amid a labour shortage.


Determining my needs

Learn how to identify hiring needs, create an effective HR plan and recruit top talent.


Hiring process

What to know about hiring the right people (even remotely) and mistakes to avoid.


Onboarding employees

Learn how to welcome new employees and get their full buy-in to improve retention.

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