Money and finance

Keep your business running smoothly, in good times and bad.

Financial planning gives you more leeway to seize opportunities, adapt to change and weather downturns. These articles will show you how to turn your finances into a fountain of strength, rather than a source of worry.

What you should know about business financing

Get financing

Buying equipment

The right tools can take productivity to the next level. What to know before buying.

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Financing an acquisition

Buying a business often requires multiple sources of financing. Explore your options.

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Getting a loan

Nearly all businesses need to apply for a loan at some point. Here’s how to do it right.

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Types of financing

Financing can come in many different forms. Tips for choosing the right options.

What you should know about commercial real estate

Buy or lease commercial real estate

Assessing my needs

Every commercial property search should start with a needs assessment. Use these tips.

Buy or lease commercial real estate

Buying real estate

See when buying makes more sense—and what to know before starting your search.

Buy or lease commercial real estate

Financing real estate

See what financing options are out there—and how to get approved.

Buy or lease commercial real estate

Real estate contracts

Ready to buy a commercial space? Here are common issues to watch for.

Buy or lease commercial real estate

Renting real estate

See when renting makes more sense—and how to get the most from your lease.

What you should know about managing finances

Manage your finances

Evaluating performance

What gets measured, gets improved. Tips for getting on a more solid financial footing.

Manage your finances

Increasing profits

Want a healthier bottom line? Start with these proven strategies.

Manage your finances

Managing my finances

Almost everything you need to know about staying on top of your business’s finances.

Manage your finances

Planning my finances

See how financial planning helps you foresee problems and adapt more easily to change.

Manage your finances

Reducing costs

Tips for understanding, controlling and lowering costs—for any budget.

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