Marketing, sales and export

Increase sales and watch your business grow.

Every business has something unique to offer. Your marketing and sales strategy is how you tell your story to help your company stand out to prospects and customers, whether they're here in Canada or abroad. These articles will get you started.

What you should know about marketing



A strong brand will help your business stand out. Learn the tricks of successful branding.


Customer loyalty

Tried-and-true ways for keeping customers happy… and coming back.


Digital marketing

Just about everything you need to know, from e-commerce to SEO and social media.


Distribution channels

Tips for determining the best ways to get your products or services to customers.


Market research

See how you can get more bang from each marketing dollar with the right research.


Marketing budget

Tips for creating a budget and measuring the impact of your marketing efforts.


Marketing plan

Clearly lay out how you intend to attract customers and persuade them to buy. Here’s how.


Measuring results

Want to know how much profit each marketing dollar is bringing in? Here’s how.


Optimizing strategy

Tried-and-true advice for making the most of every marketing dollar.


Target market

Want to run more successful marketing campaigns? Get to know your customers.


Traditional marketing

Learn about offline strategies that deliver big results, even in the digital era.

What you should know about sales


Boosting sales

Looking for tips and secrets for setting and reaching sales targets? You just found them.


Customer service

A happy customer is a loyal customer. Here’s how to excel in customer service.


E-commerce 101

Discover the benefits of selling online and how to create your own 24/7 storefront.


Optimizing sales

Want to sell more high-margin products in less time? Improve your sales process.


Sales strategy

Clearly lay out how you intend to reach prospects and get them to buy.

What you should know about exporting


Choosing a market

Want your exporting efforts to pay off? Start by choosing the right market. Here’s how.


Entering a market

Make sure you enter new markets with a bang, not a whimper.


Exporting 101

Foreign markets can mean new growth opportunities, but also risks. See if you’re ready.


Exporting online

Tips to help you start selling and exporting your products online.



Explore your financing options and discover ways to minimize risk.

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