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Financial Management

Control your finances and better manage your cash flow

Sound financial management practices help your business prosper by allowing you to make better decisions, control costs and manage your cash flow. We can help you master every aspect of your business’s finances so that you can maximize profits and strengthen your company’s value.

We help you

  • Establish solid financial practices

    Better understand and manage the various facets of your company’s finances including planning, costing, reporting, and controls.

  • Control your cash flow

    Better plan and manage your cash flow to avoid running out of money and to take advantage of opportunities.

  • Improve your financial performance

    Make better use of your accounting software and implement tools, processes and capabilities to monitor and improve performance and profits.

What you get

  • Structured approach

    A time-tested, action-oriented approach focused on helping you and your team master the principles of sound financial management.

  • Practical tools and plans

    Learn to use financial management tools, reports and dashboards to help you monitor and improve performance.

  • Coaching and support

    Get impartial advice from our consultants who can provide implementation support.

BDC’s experts helped us improve our business performance, including better financial management, a remuneration structure for our sales team and an operations optimization plan.

Great Greens Farm Market

We were seeing great sales, but not the profits. BDC’s Advisory Services team helped us determine exactly where we were losing money so we could make rapid changes in our business and improve our bottom line!

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