Financial support and resources available for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Support for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Growth Driver Program

Advisory services for high-impact firms

COVID-19: You can count on us for proven strategies that are adapted to the current reality and can be implemented remotely.

A guided journey through leadership and business transformation

GDP is designed for mid-sized businesses with growth potential and ambition. Embark on a eighteen-months journey that prepares you and your company for the next phase of growth.

Led by an executive advisor with leadership and growth management experience, your BDC team provides you with expert advice, coaching and professional resources. Together, you strengthen the areas of your company that are critical to sustainable growth—the CEO, the management team, and the business.

Your ambition. Our approach.

If you run a successful and scalable mid-sized business and aspire to accelerate growth, this enriched program helps you to:

  • Prepare yourself and your business for the next level
  • Get advice from an executive advisor with extensive leadership and growth management experience
  • Identify and pursue the best avenues for growth
  • Align, plan, and execute your growth strategy
  • Build your skills so you can pursue growth on your own
  • Develop your leadership to its full potential
  • And more!

We help you pave the way for growth through three key pillars:

1. Business—Tailored growth advisory

  • Assess growth readiness, explore potential growth avenues, and plan 3-year growth outlook
  • Prioritize opportunities, align financial requirements, prepare management blueprint
  • Manage growth plan execution and support leadership team

2. CEO—Leadership development

  • Develop your strengths as a leader by participating in Leadership Retreats (LR) developed with the Ivey Business School
  • Benefit from a peer-to-peer approach by interacting with and learning from other CEOs
  • Get executive coaching to help with decision-making, alignment and prioritization

3. Management—Execution capability enhancement

  • Strengthen the leadership and strategy execution capabilities of your 2nd-in-command team by having them participate in 2iC retreats developed in collaboration with the Ivey Business School
  • Enhance organizational capabilities for new growth
  • Establish the accountability, focus and discipline to drive strategy execution

Find out how we can help you bring your business to the next level.

Thanks to the Growth Driver Program, our company successfully navigated a major operational challenge, and we are now growing more quickly than ever. Our relationship with BDC is more than just business. Their support is exceptional.

Titan Environmental Containment

Investing in the Growth Driver Program gave us the strategic focus and tools to minimize risk and maximize long-term profitable growth. One of the best decisions we’ve made for our business.

Thanks to a compelling growth strategy, our equity value was multiplied within only 13 months of starting the Growth Driver Program.