Business strategy and planning

Build a solid foundation for success.

Business plans are roadmaps for where you want to take your business and how you plan to get there. Access ressources to help you plan, execute, assess and adjust course as needed to build and grow your company.

What you should know about strategic planning

Define your strategy

Developing a strategic plan

A strategic plan should be clear, detailed and measurable. See what yours should include.

Define your strategy

Evaluating a strategic plan

Is your plan helping you reach your goals? Here’s how to find out and adjust if needed.

What you should know about managing a business

What you should know about growing a business

Manage your growth

Financing my growth

Growth can put a huge strain on cash flow. See the when and how of financing growth.

Manage your growth

Planning for growth

A good plan will help you make sense of the chaos that often accompanies growth. See how.

What you should know about business innovation


Developing new products

Developing a "winner" isn’t always easy. Here’s how to go after the big payoff.