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Why use this toolkit?

Our toolkit will help you spot sources of waste and optimize operational efficiency so you can boost your productivity and your bottom line.

What's included

  • Guide: Create a Leaner Business

    Learn the basics of operational efficiency and continuous improvement.

  • Workforce efficiency benchmarking tool

    See how your productivity stacks up against other Canadian businesses in your industry.

  • What is operational efficiency?

    Take steps to reduce waste and make customers and employees happier, all while improving profits.

  • Tips on how to streamline your company’s costs

    Leverage proven methods for cutting costs.

  • Guide: Optimize Your Business Processes

    Uncover and eliminate inefficiencies in your business.


Multiple documents



Who is it for?


Learn how to create a more efficient and profitable business.

Operations manager

See how to reduce sources of waste and improve productivity.


Get tips on how to boost front-line efficiency.

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