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Cash flow calculator

A cash flow calculator (also called a cash flow planner) is a simple spreadsheet that lists all the money coming into your business over the next weeks or next months, then compares it to the money going out. At the bottom is a running account of how much cash you can expect to have in your bank account at the end of the period.

Calculating your cash flow will help you better manage your business. Too often, entrepreneurs only pay attention to their cash flow when there’s a problem. Doing regular cash flow forecasts will help you ensure you have sufficient cash to pay your bills and avoid a cash flow crunch before it happens.

If you make a loan request, banks may also ask for a 13-week or one-year forecast, depending on the situation.

Our easy to use Excel templates will guide you step-by-step through the process.

Once completed, a cash flow forecast will show you:

  • how much revenue you expect to generate
  • how much you expect to spend
  • which business lines to prioritize
  • whether or not you require financing

13-week rolling cash flow management tool

A 13-week cash flow planner forecasts your business’s cash inflow and outflow over the length of a fiscal quarter (13 weeks).

“Rolling” means that as you finish one week, you add another week of forecasting to the end of your forecast, so you are always looking 13 weeks ahead.

Use the 13-week forecast to:

  • perform short term planning and tracking
  • assess burn rate scenarios (how much cash you spend over time)
  • understand your business’s performance on a granular level that might be overlooked with a monthly or yearly planner

Monthly cash flow management tool

A monthly cash flow planner forecasts your cash flow for the next 12 months. It can be used in conjunction with the 13-week cash flow to get a full picture of your business’s financial health.

Together or separately, these planners can help you anticipate the need to adapt payment schedules, change processes or seek new opportunities.

Use the monthly planner to:

  • estimate your cash flow in the medium to long term
  • understand your business’s performance on a larger scale

Download both planners as Excel files.

Need more help? Complete this course in our Entrepreneur’s Learning Centre to learn more about creating a cash flow forecast. Or read our cash flow guide to learn how to take control of your cash flow with better management principles.

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