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What is it?

A cash flow calculator (also called a cash flow planner) is a simple spreadsheet that lists all the money coming into your business over the next weeks or next months, then compares it to the money going out. Our easy-to-use Excel templates will guide you step by step in creating your cash flow forecasts.

This tool will help you

  • Forecast 13-week cash flow

    Forecast your business’s cash inflows and outflows over a quarter to better plan your short-term needs.

  • Manage your cash flow for the next year

    Forecast your cash flow for the next 12 months to get a longer-term picture of your financial health.






Money and finance

Who is it for?


Plan your cash flow for sound financial health.

Financial managers

Forecast cash inflows and outflows to anticipate cash requirements.

Risk managers

Identify your company’s short- and long-term cash-related risks.

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