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Technology roadmap template and checklist

Major technology initiatives can be expensive, time-consuming, risky and disruptive to the company’s day-to-day operations. But companies that invest in digital technologies report higher sales and profit growth than their peers. They are also more likely to export and innovate.

Use these technology planning tools to align your technology investments to business objectives, improve business efficiency with technology and make your business more competitive.

Why use a technology roadmap template?

The technology roadmap template will help you map out your current technological systems and identify gaps in your business technology. The checklist and template will help ensure you are taking the right steps to set technology development priorities and implement new systems that align with your business objectives.

How will the technology roadmap help me?

A technology roadmap can help you plan your technology implementation in stages:

  • prepare a strategic plan
  • consider how technology can help you meet business goals
  • identify gaps in technology and business tools you need to stay competitive
  • evaluate the costs and capabilities of new technology, subscriptions and staff support
  • identify roles and responsibilities, including who will oversee technology change management
  • establish a timeline to implement new technology for your business
  • develop milestones and map the risks of technology implementation

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