Financial support and resources available for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Support for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Financial statements template

Financial statements are a set of documents showing a company’s current financial status. Specifically, these statements indicate:

  • how much money is being made and spent—shown on the income statement
  • what the company owns and how much it owes—shown on the balance sheet
  • where money came from and where it went—shown in the cash flow statement (also called the statement of changes in financial position)
  • The amount of money kept in the company by the owners—shown on the statement of retained earnings

Your financial statements will be used by:

  • tax authorities to assess your taxes and determine your payroll contributions
  • bankers and investors to make investment or lending decisions.
  • you and your management team to make day-to-day business decisions and plan strategic actions

Most accounting software will create your financial statements for you, but you can use this free template to create them manually if needed.