Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) reporting template for Canadian GPs

Monitor diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) metrics with this reporting template, designed for Canadian general partners (GPs) and their portfolios.

The DEI reporting template will allow you to:

  • consistently report diversity and inclusion metrics related to gender, race, ethnicity, and identification.
  • track and analyze ethnic, gender and identity diversity within your investment portfolio, including LGBTQ2+, veterans, and employees with disabilities.
  • measure quantitative and qualitative data by documenting self-disclosed gender and race, team reports, and DEI policies and practices.
  • demonstrate fund diligence toward greater uniformity and transparency in the Canadian venture capital and private equity industry.

DEI metrics can be used to:

  • develop and adapt greater diversity and inclusion policies and practices for private investors
  • analyze and adapt DEI data toward a more inclusive, innovative and competitive economy
  • follow a global framework that aligns with the Canadian market