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Cash flow projection tool for tech companies

Tech companies face unique cash forecasting challenges. Tech companies tend to hold very little inventory while R&D, salaries, and sales and marketing costs are generally quite high. Many tech companies also lose money in the early days while relying on investors, grants and loans to make ends meet.

Creating a reliable cash flow forecast based on past results and expected revenues will help safeguard your company against unforeseen events and help convince bankers and investors to back your business.

Use this tool to:

  • Present past financial results and project cash flow for up to 24 months into the future
  • Automatically generate key SaaS metrics, including churn rate, monthly recurring revenue and customer lifetime value
  • Present financial information and growth forecasts to investors, bankers and other partners

Use insights from the cash flow projection tool to:

  • understand the amount of additional funding you need to keep your tech company on the right growth trajectory
  • highlight shareholder investments and other financial inflows, such as grants, when applying for loans
  • keep track of key SaaS metrics, such as MRR and churn

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