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Business model canvas tool

Create a one-page business model to map out essential business activities, key customers, revenue streams and operational costs in one place. This model outlines how your company currently functions and focuses on the unique value you bring to customers, so you can identify operational bottlenecks and make improvements.

The simple map of your operations sets you up to prioritize activities and make better decisions for future business growth.

Use the business model canvas for an at-a-glance look at how your business makes money and to quickly identify areas for improvements.

Why create a one-page business model?

Understanding who your customers are and how you reach them can help you see challenges and opportunities in your business and align teams toward priority initiatives to grow your business faster.

How do you use the business model canvas?

Start mapping current business activities by identifying your most important customers, the unique value you bring, and what it takes to reach them.

  • segment customers
  • define your unique value proposition (UVP)
  • know your key revenue streams
  • examine how you reach customers through different channels
  • identify essential business activities required to reach customers, including marketing, branding, production and distribution
  • list key business partners, like suppliers and service providers
  • map essential resources and cost structure to know what it takes to reach customers

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