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Why use this toolkit?

Take advantage of tools and resources to help you find the right business to buy and discover solutions to finance the transaction.

What's included

  • A practical guide to buying a business in Canada

    Find out how to find the right business, structure the acquisition and ensure an efficient transfer.

  • Guide: Business Valuation

    Discover how to work with a valuator, methods they use to determine the value of your business and how valuation impacts price.

  • Your step-by-step guide to making an acquisition

    4 steps to buying a business from finding a target to successful integration.

  • How to find the right business to buy

    An acquisition is a complex transaction not to be made on the fly.

  • How to do due diligence when buying a business

    Due diligence gives crucial information on a target’s finances, prospects and legal issues.


Multiple documents


Start or buy a business

Who is it for?


Get practical tips on the best ways to buy a business.

Financial managers

Learn how to price a business and finance a transfer.

HR managers

Set the stage during the acquisition process to help staff manage change.


Gather a team of advisors to structure your business’s purchase

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