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Why use this toolkit?

Take advantage of tools and resources to help you start your business and discover available financing solutions.

What's included

  • Article: Your ultimate guide to starting a business in Canada

    Take your business idea from concept to reality with a step-by-step roadmap that explains how to get started.

  • Guide: How to Get a Business Loan

    Prepare a successful loan application that will get your new business off on the right foot.

  • Business plan template

    Write an effective and professional business plan that will guide your next steps, pave the way to profitability and help you secure financing.

  • Course: How to start a business

    Take a free 2-hour online course to explore all aspects of starting a business in Canada.

  • Other articles and tools

    Discover other resources that will help you choose the right business structure, calculate the costs of a business loan and generate interest from potential partners.


Multiple documents


Start or buy a business

Who is it for?


Explore all the steps involved in creating and starting your own business.

Finance managers

Prepare the first loan applications for your new business.

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