Business continuity plan and templates for entrepreneurs

While some companies have developed contingency plans, most have not. This lack of preparedness not only threatens the viability of sectors in Canada but, as in the case of manufacturing, it also jeopardizes the delivery of critical goods that depend on complex supply chain systems. Creating and maintaining a business continuity plan helps ensure that your business has the resources and information needed to deal with an emergency.

A well designed plan will help you minimize the risk that an emergency poses to your employees, clients and suppliers, the continuity of your business operations and your bottom line.

To plan your business continuity exercise and mitigate the potential effects of an emergency, use the templates:

Planning team for business continuity

Essential services/functions ranking

Essential services criticalness factor

Action plan for maintaining essential service/activity

Key customers

Critical suppliers

Critical business partners or support providers

List of questions and initiatives

Business continuity plan checklist