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Why use this toolkit?

Take advantage of tools and resources to help you set measurable targets, create an action plan, deal with the unexpected and foster a cohesive team.

What's included

  • Article: What is strategic planning?

    Learn about strategic planning and why it’s a must for every business.

  • Guide: The Foundations of Strategic Planning

    Learn how to set measurable goals for your business, review your internal capacities, establish strategic priorities and create an action plan.

  • SWOT analysis template

    Analyze your company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats.

  • Webinar: Finding the right opportunities in uncertain times

    Develop and implement your strategic plan to guide your business and unlock opportunities amid the uncertainty.

  • Other articles and tools

    Discover other resources that will help you compare your efficiency, analyze supply and demand, and conduct a competitive analysis.


Multiple documents


Business strategy and planning

Who is it for?


Explore all the steps involved in developing and implementing a strategic plan.

HR managers

Improve your ability to anticipate staffing needs for ongoing and future business activities.

Marketing managers

Identify which key elements of your strategic plan to communicate to employees and customers.

Financial managers

See how these resources can help you prioritize costs and anticipate revenue.

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