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What is it?

This list will help you prepare for emergencies such as epidemics, cyberattacks and natural disasters that could disrupt your business.

This tool will help you

  • Cover all the essentials for managing an emergency

    Create and maintain a continuity plan to ensure you have all the resources and information needed to deal with an emergency.

  • Prepare for emergency situations

    Reduce the impact of an emergency and avoid lengthy and costly interruptions.

  • Protect the company's stakeholders

    Develop a plan to protect your staff, customers and suppliers.






Business strategy and planning

Who is it for?


Oversee the creation of a business continuity plan to ensure your company's operations are protected.

Risk managers

Minimize the potential effects of an emergency by covering all the essential elements that should be included in a business continuity plan.

HR managers

See how you can reduce the risks for employees in the event of an emergency.

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