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Business loan checklist

Increase your chances of getting approved for a business loan

Getting approved for a business loan doesn’t have to be complicated. Following these steps will boost your credibility, and help you get your documentation and research ready before you apply.

And remember, the best way to gain the trust of your banker is to be transparent about your business goals, the potential pitfalls you’ve identified and the solutions you’re thinking about to overcome these challenges.

Why do I need a business loan checklist?

When asking for a loan, you need to demonstrate that your project will contribute to the profitable growth of your company and that you will be able to pay back your loan. Preparing your documents in advance will help you gain your banker’s trust and improve your chances of getting a business loan.

How can I use the business loan checklist?

The business loan checklist will help you determine what documents you need in order to prepare a successful business loan application.

You will discover:

  • the four elements required for all loan applications
  • how to find the right lender to meet your needs
  • additional documents that could be required by lenders
  • what to do after you’ve received your loan

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