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Employee onboarding checklist

You’ve just hired a new employee and are excited to get them working as quickly and seamlessly as possible. To do that, you’ll have to extend a warm welcome to your new hire and provide them with everything they need to do their job. Failing to properly onboard your new employee could hurt their productivity and maybe even send them out the door.

Follow our comprehensive checklist to quickly get your new employee up to speed and ready to make their best contribution.

Why use an onboarding checklist?

The onboarding checklist will help you work with your team to prepare your new employee’s first few months on the job. Orientation and integration activities should be spread out over time, instead of bombarding your new employee with information in the first few days. You may want to assign a mentor to help the new employee in the first few weeks or months.

A checklist will help you remember important elements such as preparing an organized workspace for your new hire, contacting the employee before their first day to see whether they have any questions and filling out any required forms.

How will the employee onboarding checklist help me?

Our onboarding checklist will help you:

  1. Onboard your new employee during their first three months
  2. Ensure you don’t forget a critical onboarding step
  3. Increase new employee retention

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