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Why use this toolkit?

These free resources will help you better understand principles related to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and to implement them in your business.

What's included

  • ESG and DEI reporting templates

    Monitor ESG and DEI indicators with these templates designed for Canadian general partners.

  • Inclusive writing guide

    Consult guidelines and resources proposed by the Canadian government for writing more inclusively.

  • Policy templates

    Ensure your company policies take into account the different cultural, personal and family needs of your employees.

  • Interview guide

    Prepare to interview candidates more effectively while avoiding potentially discriminatory questions.

  • BDC articles

    Read BDC articles to learn more about DEI and to discover resources that could be useful for your business.


Multiple documents



Who is it for?


Find tools and resources to help you better understand DEI concepts, as well as build or adapt your company policies.

HR Managers

Support members of your management team and be prepared to answer their questions about DEI and the company’s policies.

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