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Post-merger integration checklist

Bringing two businesses together can be a great growth opportunity. But integrating business cultures and operations also comes with unique challenges. Aligning executives on post-merger strategy, integrating teams and communicating the merger to internal and external stakeholders should be carefully managed in the lead-up to a business acquisition or merger.

Use this checklist to create a step-by-step business integration plan when preparing for a merger or business acquisition.

Why use an integration checklist?

A checklist will help you to focus on strategic priorities for your M&A and itemize essential tasks in the lead-up to an acquisition. It can keep you on track to manage essential elements of business communication to ensure post-merger success.

How will the post-merger checklist help me?

The checklist for post-merger integration will help you:

  • set and achieve your strategic goals for the acquisition
  • plan how to align executives and integrate teams before the merger
  • create a day-one handover plan for when you take over a new business
  • get buy-in from employees on your integration plan
  • maintain a consistent brand and corporate image following a merger or acquisition

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