What is it?

This checklist details what you need to do for a successful post-merger integration. Use it to create a roadmap that will support a successful hand-off, reduce potential barriers and facilitate new team buy-in.

This tool will help you

  • Create an effective integration plan

    Develop a roadmap that will help you align your teams, prioritize activities, and achieve employee buy-in.

  • Retain top talent and key customers

    Create a clear transfer plan for the first day and act quickly to encourage key personnel to stay with you.

  • Maintain your brand image

    Be prepared to apply marketing decisions from day one to ensure positive market visibility.

  • Communicate effectively with all stakeholders

    Develop a plan to inform stakeholders throughout the process and maintain their trust.






Change of ownership

Who is it for?


Learn the essential steps to an effective and successful integration.

Communications managers

Create external and internal communication plans with specific timelines to keep stakeholders informed.

HR managers

Put measures in place to facilitate new team buy-in.

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