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What is it?

The balance sheet is a summary of your company’s assets, liabilities and capital on a given date. Review your balance sheet monthly, using this template or, ideally, accounting software, to help you maintain control over your cash flow and financial health.

This tool will help you

  • Quickly assess your financial health

    Get a snapshot of your financial situation at a glance.

  • Generate financial projections

    Measure your ability to invest and meet your financial obligations.

  • Assess your borrowing capacity

    Show lending institutions that your business is in sound financial health.

  • Create a budget

    Examine the impacts of potential scenarios on your business, from best to worst, and plan for strategies you could use in each case.






Money and finance

Who is it for?


Maintain control over your company’s assets, liabilities and equity.

Financial managers

See important information about the business at a glance and assess borrowing capacity.

Risk managers

Assess the company’s ability to meet its financial obligations.

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