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Balance sheet template

The balance sheet is a measure of your company at a particular point in time.

Balance sheets are used in a number of ways by both internal users, such as you and your management group, and by external users, such as bankers and investors. As an entrepreneur, you will want to review your balance sheet monthly to keep a handle on your company’s assets, liabilities.

While balance sheet is usually generated through an accounting software, you can use this free template to create one manually if needed.

The balance sheet allows you to see important information about your business at a glance, including:

  • A list of your assets—everything your company owns and everything other parties owe your company. It includes items such as cash, inventory, accounts receivable, equipment, machinery, vehicles, land and buildings.
  • A list of your liabilities (debts)—everything your company owes, such as accounts payable, bank loans and other debts.
  • Your shareholders’ equity—the money and assets that have been put into the company, plus any value that has been added over the years.

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