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Checklist: Getting started with e-commerce

Changing consumer habits and new, easy-to-use technologies have made e-commerce a can’t-miss opportunity. Beyond setting up a website, there are many technological, logistical and legal details to consider. Before you can open your online store, you’ll need an e-commerce business plan to identify and market to new customers and fulfill orders online.

Use this checklist as a step-by-step guide to launch your online business.

Why do I need a checklist to launch an online store?

The checklist breaks down the elements of your e-commerce business plan, from obtaining the right technology and partners to ensuring you have people to market and manage online sales.

How can I use the checklist to get by business online?

The checklist breaks down your e-commerce business plan in stages:

  • find target customers online
  • develop a unique selling proposition for your online business
  • identify staff and technology needs to support your e-commerce plan
  • launch your business website
  • set up your online store
  • use online marketing and partnerships to reach new customers
  • maintain your website to fulfill online orders

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