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Why use this toolkit?

Take advantage of tools and resources to learn more about sales and marketing and develop effective strategies.

What's included

  • Article: Marketing your business

    From branding to understanding your competition, learn everything you need to know about the basics of marketing.

  • Guide: Attracting and Selling Online

    Learn how to build a successful brand online, attract customers and turn website visitors into paying customers.

  • Guide: Revving up Your Sales

    Boost the sales of your business by assessing, optimizing and digitizing your sales processes.

  • Marketing plan template

    Write an effective marketing plan that will help you build and plan your marketing strategy.

  • Other articles

    Discover other resources on topics such as pricing your products or services and using email marketing.


Multiple documents


Marketing, sales and export

Who is it for?


Explore all the steps involved in making sales and marketing strategies.

Sales managers

Create a sales strategy that is tailored to your business, can help you reach your target audience, and uses proven techniques to drive sales.

Marketing managers

Develop a marketing strategy that will help you establish a strong brand identity.

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