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Employee goal setting tool

Employees who understand how their roles are tied to the strategy of the company and how they contribute to organizational success are more engaged. Setting clear goals can help achieve this.

This is especially important to do with remote team members who do not get the benefit of additional context that on-site employees would get through informal and ad-hoc conversations.

The responsibility for setting goals should be shared. As a leader, you will communicate the direction. The employee can then use the worksheet provided in this tool to create their goals. Together, you can adjust and finalize them.

This tool will help you:

  • focus on outcomes rather than tasks
  • provide more autonomy to employees and diminish the need to micro-manage
  • offer more flexibility on how and what time of day things get accomplished
  • establish employee responsibilities and objectives
  • be clear in your expectations by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals that are aligned to company strategy