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Checklist to create a business website

Your business needs a website to be competitive in an increasingly online world.

A 2019 BDC study found that companies that used the Web to grow their companies were 1.7 times more likely to have enjoyed higher sales growth and 1.5 times more likely to have enjoyed higher profit growth than their peers.

Use this checklist to build your business website that will help you reach new customers and boost sales online.

Why do I need a business website checklist?

Building a website as an online platform for your business involves step-by-step planning. Get started on the right foot by clarifying your online brand, setting a budget for development and deciding who will build your business website.

How can I use the checklist to create a business website?

The business website checklist will help you start building your site or revamp an existing business website so it meets your business objectives:

  • outline how you want to brand yourself online
  • plan what features you want on your website
  • decide how much money to budget for website development and maintenance
  • create content to boost traffic to your business website
  • measure your performance to optimize your website
  • use online marketing and partnerships to reach new customers
  • maintain your website to fulfill online orders

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