Checklist to create a website for your business

It’s never been more important for businesses to have their own website. For example, a 2016 BDC study found that 90% of consumers systematically visit a company’s website before contacting it for information The same is true of business clients. More than half (57%) of the business-to-business buying process is done online before a salesperson is contacted.

But how do you get started to build your site? This checklist is a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know to launch a successful new site or revamp an already-existing one. This checklist will help you:

  1. outline how you want to brand yourself online
  2. plan what features you want on your site
  3. decide how much money you will need to budget for development and maintenance
  4. choose between building your site yourself or hiring a professional
  5. develop content that attracts visitors
  6. measure your performance and optimize your site continuously