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Why use this toolkit?

Learn how to develop an e-commerce strategy, convert traffic to sales and use the right tools to set up your online store.

What's included

  • Guide: Attracting and selling online

    Learn how to build your brand online, attract customers and close the sale.

  • Template: E-commerce financial model

    Determine if e-commerce is financially appropriate for your business.

  • Free and low-cost e-commerce software for your business

    Discover tips to increase your conversion rate and turn traffic into sales.

  • Blog: A short guide to using the Business Model Canvas to start an e-commerce website

    Follow this easy method to plan out your e-commerce model.

  • Website assessment tool

    Enter your website address for a detailed report on 28 key elements of success.

  • Bonus guide: Succeed with e-commerce

    Learn how to build and optimize a website that works.


Multiple documents


Marketing, sales and export

Who is it for?


Increase your revenues and expand your customer base.

Marketing managers

Build a successful brand online and achieve the company’s sales goals.

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