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E-commerce toolkit

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We are happy to share the contents of this toolkit to support your business activities, but we cannot guarantee they will meet your specific needs.

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E-commerce is a must in the modern marketplace.

Use this free toolkit to get advice and tools on how to open up your business to customers from around the world.

Included in this free toolkit

  • Guide: Attracting and selling online. Define your brand and your customers, and set a strategy to close the sale
  • Webinar: How to succeed with e-commerce. Learn the top 5 things you need to do to get your business e-commerce ready
  • Free and low-cost e-commerce software for your business. Platforms that make setting up your online store easier than ever
  • 4 steps to turn website visitors into paying customers. Tips to increase your conversion rate and turn traffic into sales
  • Website assessment tool. A free report to evaluate your business’s website on 28 key elements of success
  • Bonus guide: Succeed with e-commerce. Learn how to build and optimize a website that works

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