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Social media calendar template

The pressure to create and promote engaging content for social media can feel overwhelming at times, and not knowing where to start is normal.

You have to coordinate posts between different platforms, respond to comments and messages, and follow feeds of other companies and influencers.

The social media calendar is an essential planning tool to simplify the task of managing posts on different platforms. This basic calendar will allow you to enter information about what you want to post in the coming weeks and months. It can also help you note upcoming events or marketing campaigns you will want to make mention of on social media.

Why use a social media calendar?

The social media calendar will help you keep a record of your posts and allow you to plan for future publications. By giving you a bird’s-eye view, it will help you make sure you are posting various types of content.

You can share your social media calendar with key employees to ensure everyone is aware of your efforts, working together and able to offer ideas for content.

What is included in the template social media calendar?

Our template social media calendar includes two documents:

Social media daily planner

This template has a separate spreadsheet for each month. Each day of the month has 15 rows—one row for each post on five platforms. Write down details including:

  • the text to be used
  • time scheduled
  • tags
  • URL
  • word count
  • approval status
  • type of post
  • language
  • miscellaneous notes.
  • events scheduled that day

Social media executive report

This template can be used as an executive report to share updates with your team. Each month has a separate spreadsheet and each day has rooms for posts on five platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

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