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One-on-one meeting template

Holding regular, efficient one-on-one meetings with employees creates a connection with your team, develops a feedback loop and keeps even remote teams working toward the same goals.

Use this customizable template to create a regular schedule for one-on-one meetings with staff, develop an agenda for manager and staff meetings and focus on employee performance and development.

What is the purpose of a one-on-one meeting?

Meeting one-to-one offers an opportunity to connect and engage with employees, communicate news about your organization, set performance goals and give regular feedback on performance.

How do you structure a one-on-one meeting with employees?

This guide will help you create a meeting structure for managers and employees to:

  • develop an agenda for regular meetings with employees
  • understand what to talk about in a one-on-one meeting
  • keep employees engaged in their work
  • use 1:1 meeting time efficiently
  • share feedback and set employee performance targets

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