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Code of conduct and zero tolerance policy template

Create a safe and respectful company environment

Code of conduct

A code of conduct gives an organization’s employees a set of values and guiding principles for their daily interactions and professional relationships. It outlines behaviours that are expected of all employees, including leadership, and function as guard rails holding everyone accountable for their words and actions.

While your code of conduct should be tailored to your unique organizational environment, goals and mandate, we recommend that each code of conduct cover several key areas that pertain to diversity and inclusion. A code of conduct is an opportunity for your organization to signal its ethics and beliefs both internally and externally. This template will help you set it up.

Zero tolerance policy

A zero tolerance policy (ZTP) allows your company to proactively prevent and manage employee behaviour that is illegal, inappropriate or against your organization’s code of conduct. The policy provides clear direction for employees and makes it easy to understand when an employee has veered off course. ZTPs encourage positive workplace interactions and empower employees to speak up when they face behaviour that violates the policy.

A ZTP should take into account your unique organizational needs while including specific references to diversity, inclusion, harassment, discrimination as well as physical and emotional violence in the workplace.

Download our customizable template for code of conduct and zero tolerance policy below. Both documents are in .docx format.

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