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BDC research on issues impacting small and medium-sized businesses in Canada

Economic pulse: Business transition

Our Chief economist, Pierre Cléroux, talks about opportunities when planning to purchase or sell a business

Economic pulse: Business transition

Opportunities for buyers and sellers

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Fall 2018 economic pulse

Economic update from our Chief Economist Pierre Cléroux.

Fall 2018 economic pulse

Solid economic growth, despite the U.S administration’s protectionist actions.

BDC studies

  • Digitize Now: How to Make the Digital Shift in Your Business Study (October 2018)
  • Labour shortage: here to stay. Study (September 2018)
  • Economic optimism and response to Canada-U.S. tariffs: Survey report and Highlights (July 2018)
  • Built for performance. Study (May 2018)
  • Business needs and potential solutions: Survey report and Highlights (May 2018)
  • Investment Intentions of Canadian Entrepreneurs: An Outlook for 2018. Study (January 2018)
  • Financial literacy among Canadian entrepreneurs and business owners – report (December 2017)
  • What do buyers look for when purchasing a business? Study (November 2017)
  • Future-Proof Your Business. Study (October 2017)
  • The Coming Wave of Business Transitions in Canada. Study (September 2017)
  • Impacts of the new U.S. administration on Canadian SMEs – report (July 2017)
  • Canada’s Venture Capital Landscape. Study (June 2017)
  • Industry 4.0: The new industrial revolution. Study (May 2017)
  • Exporting: A Key Driver of SME Growth and Profits. Study (April 2017)
  • Investment Intentions of Canadian Entrepreneurs: An Outlook for 2017. Study (January 2017)
  • Measuring BDC’s Impact on Its Clients (2008-2012). Study (December 2016)
  • Entrepreneurs’ challenges and needs report and visual summary (November 2016)
  • Productivity Matters: Benchmarking Your Company to Up Your Game. Study and Tool (October 2016)
  • Five Game-Changing Consumer Trends. Study (October 2016)
  • Canadian SMEs and the sharing economy – detailed report (September 2016)
  • The Scale Up Challenge: How Are Canadian Companies Performing? Study (September 2016)
  • Investment Intentions of Canadian Entrepreneurs: An Outlook for 2016. Study and infographic (January 2016)

Other economic studies

BDC's Chief Economist

Pierre Cléroux is responsible for providing economic analysis, while helping interpret economic trends and their impact on businesses.

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