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What you’ll learn

Discover what it takes to build a successful brand online in this free digital marketing guide for entrepreneurs. Learn how to target and attract customers and use the right techniques to turn website visitors into paying customers.

Topics covered

  • How to build your brand online

    Define your message and choose the right digital channels.

  • Build customer personas

    Discover how to develop customer personas to attract customers to your website.

  • Learn techniques to boost sales on the web

    Get tips on social media best practices and search engine optimization.

  • Nurture online customers

    Understand how to track and analyze results to target the right customers and clients.




25 pages

Read time

16-minute read


Marketing, sales and export

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Who is it for?


Understand how to measure the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns to close more sales

Sales managers

Discover simple ways to optimize your website and social channels to boost conversion

Marketing managers

Get insight into retargeting techniques and your customers into brand ambassadors

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