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What you’ll learn

Discover what it takes to succeed in international markets. Learn how to create a market entry plan, identify new customers, and assess risks, costs and logistics for your global expansion.

Topics covered

  • Assessing your business readiness to export

    Evaluate organizational, operational and financial readiness to scale as a first step to selling internationally.

  • Creating an export plan

    Develop a clear market entry strategy, conduct market research, identify competitors and assess risk.

  • Preparing your products for export

    Understand costs, logistics and compliance for exporting.

  • Choosing the right international partners

    Establish the right business relationships to find new customers and succeed in international markets




17 pages

Read time

10-minute read


Marketing, sales and export

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Who is it for?

Sales managers

Discover 5 steps to start exporting online

Operations managers

Get tips to adapt products, inventory management and distribution to succeed in new markets

Financial managers

Understand the financial capacity and agility required to export

Risk managers

Identify trade agreements, compliance measures and market risks to include in your export plan

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