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How to Cope With Inflation and Remain Profitable

An ageing population, the energy transition, and faltering globalization will continue to put pressure on business costs in the coming years.

What can companies do to adapt to these potentially profit-threatening trends?

We surveyed 1,500 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to understand how the rising cost of doing business is affecting them and what strategies they can adopt to address it.

The results indicate that failing to adopt a cost mitigation strategy is associated with poorer financial performance. Nevertheless, more than a quarter of SMEs—particularly those in the service sector—have not yet developed a strategy.

The good news is that investing to support revenue growth is a strategy that works.

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  • Three promising strategies that can increase your chances of remaining profitable despite rising costs.
  • Key trends that are likely to put pressure on the cost of doing business in the coming years.
  • Profiles of business owners like you who have implemented cost mitigation strategies.
How to Cope With Inflation and Remain Profitable

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