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What we do

BDC offers


Business loans for projects and working capital to protect cash flow.

Advisory Services

Practical solutions and objective advice to help growing businesses successfully address a wide range of challenges and opportunities.

Corporate Financing

Business loans for large businesses with complex needs.

Wholesale Financing

Indirect and syndicated financing solutions provided through or alongside financial institutions and other private sector lenders.

Cleantech Practice

Equity and commercial loans for high potential cleantech firms.

BDC Capital offers

BDC Capital—a subsidiary of BDC—offers a full spectrum of specialized financing, including venture capital, growth and business transition capital and growth equity.

Venture Capital

Money for innovators looking to transform their business ideas into successful companies.

Growth & Transition Capital

Money for established or high-growth companies looking to finance a new project or business transition.

Growth Equity Partners

Minority equity investments for mid-market growth companies looking to grow exponentially.