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Great partners create great opportunities

Teaming up for SME prosperity

We are proud to team up with organizations in communities across Canada who share our commitment to SME success and have a proven track-record of delivering value and impact to entrepreneurs. Our selected partners have the capacity and resources to help us improve access to financing, advisory, expertise, and knowledge to business owners from a wide range of backgrounds, industries and regions.

Our mission is to build a community of partners and entrepreneurs, and act as a catalyst in the ecosystem to foster success for all.

A network of partners committed to SME success

Fueling growth and resilience

Providing funding, capital and expert advice to drive growth

Supporting diversity

Financing and guidance for diverse and underserved entrepreneurs

Empowering know-how

Access to tools, networks, training and mentorship opportunities

Stronger together – Our partners

We work with regional and national organizations that help us connect with more entrepreneurs and provide opportunities for progress and growth.

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Growth financing and advice

Financing solutions to support business growth and resilience

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Financing for underserved communities

Financing and support for dedicated to diverse and underserved entrepreneurs

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Knowledge, tools and content

Learning, mentorship and networking opportunities to help SMEs succeed

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Our dedicated partners help us reach out to more entrepreneurs

Black Entrepreneur

Black entrepreneurs

Seize opportunities and overcome barriers to keep taking your business further.

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Indigenous entrepreneur

Indigenous entrepreneurs

Build your business and strengthen your positive impact on your community.

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Woman Entrepreneur

Women entrepreneurs

Unleash the full potential of your business and bring your ambitions to life.

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Frequently asked questions

BDC does not offer start-up financing (businesses in operation for less than 12 months). Are there partners who can help businesses at the early stage of their journey?

BDC has partnered with several organizations to help businesses who are in the start-up stage. Check out our partners who may be better positioned to support you.

How can I become a BDC supplier?

BDC regularly purchases services from external suppliers and is committed to creating an inclusive supply chain.

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Are you interested in collaborating with BDC on client referrals?

Whether you are an accountant, a banker or a commercial real estate professional, increase your clients’ satisfaction and loyalty by recommending our services.

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What's the difference between sponsorships and partnerships at BDC?

BDC takes part in sponsorships for the right to associate its brand to events, teams, or other marketing activities that caters to Canadian entrepreneurs. The goal is to raise greater awareness of BDC and its products and services.

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In parallel, BDC establishes partnerships to achieve what it cannot accomplish alone to further support SME success. To that end, BDC contributes financing and expertise as well as access to tools, networks, training and mentorship to partnerships with organizations that cater to specific entrepreneur audiences across a wide range of backgrounds, industries and regions.

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Are you an organization that helps entrepreneurs or are you looking for a specific type of partner in your area?

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