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The Benefits of Inclusive Leadership

Diversity and Inclusion in BDC Capital’s VC Portfolio

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is increasingly being understood as an important driver of business results. Even more important, D&I ensures that people find dignity and respect when they show up for work everyday.

A good way to advance D&I is through metrics and tracking. It’s with this in mind that BDC Capital sent a D&I assessment to every company in its direct investment portfolio. Over 1,900 employees at 95 companies answered the survey.

Find out:

  • How companies in the BDC Capital portfolio perform when it comes to D&I.
  • Why D&I is important for VC in Canada.
  • Tools and advice to help equip you to improve D&I in your business.

Plus, a case study of a business that’s successfully improved D&I.

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Get your free copy of the report

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