Entrepreneur's toolkit

Business tools to help you successfully manage, grow and promote your business

To succeed today you need to have sound business sense and a set of practical tools. We offer several free resources including eBooks, webinars and business templates that will be useful whether your business is just starting out or is already well established.

Templates & business guides

Our guides and business templates are designed to help you set your business on the right path and increase your chance of success.



How to get a business loan

Find out how to prepare a winning loan request by understanding what bankers look for, how they'll assess your request and what you can do to help them say yes, even if you're a first-time business borrower.


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A week in the life of a marketing person: How to use your marketing resource

Hiring an internal marketing expert can be a big step for a budding business. Here’s a breakdown of what that resource can do to help your business grow.

IT strategy: 6 steps to creating your technology roadmap

Creating a technology roadmap will help you to align your IT projects with your strategy and define your needs before making an investment.

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