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Business tools to help you successfully manage, grow and promote your business

To succeed today you need to have sound business sense and a set of practical tools. We offer several free resources including eBooks, webinars and business templates that will be useful whether your business is just starting out or is already well established.

Templates & business guides

Our guides and business templates are designed to help you set your business on the right path and increase your chance of success.



Buying commercial real estate

Get your step-by-step guide to purchasing a place of business so you can understand whether it’s the right move for your company, who can steer you through the process to avoid common pitfalls, and what you can do to budget, negotiate and finance your purchase effectively.


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When the money isn’t enough: How to measure the beneficial impact of your business

Many regular, run-of-the-mill things you do are impactful; they create positive, beneficial value for others. Learn how to measure the true value of your company.

Why everyone hates sales meetings and what to do about it

Sales meetings can be tedious and ineffective, but you still need to have them. Here’s how you can make them useful.

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