Free and low-cost online timesheet tracking tools for your business

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Timesheets are essential for professional services firms and project-based businesses. Whether you bill clients by the hour or use a value-based pricing model, you need to know how much time was spent on specific projects. Manual time tracking is inefficient and prone to errors. Besides, if your employees tend to submit their timesheets late, you may not get an actual picture of your projects’ profitability. Worse, if the timesheet collection process is delaying your invoicing, your cash flow is suffering.

How do online timesheet tracking tools help?

Online timesheet tracking tools help you to:

  • keep all timesheets in one secure online location
  • increase employees’ productivity
  • streamline the timesheet approval process, especially for mobile employees
  • save time by eliminating redundant data entry and automating processes
  • avoid budget overruns
  • track projects’ profitability in real time
  • improve timesheet integrity and accuracy
  • speed up the invoicing and collection process, and
  • run reports that will lead to better decisions.

What do online timesheet tracking tools do?

Online timesheet tracking tools allow users to enter the time they start and finish a task. The software calculates the time spent on the task. Other common features allow you to approve time worked, generate reports and invoice automatically.

You may also want to check some of the solutions we suggest for online collaboration, especially if you require project management functionalities.

Free and low‑cost online timesheet tracking tools

There are a number of online timesheet tracking tools. If you are looking for low‑cost or free tools, you may want to consider the following. (SaaS refers to “software as a service.”)

Revised May 2024

This table lists applications alphabetically and isn’t exhaustive. Hyperlinks to external sites do not constitute an endorsement by BDC of those websites or any information, opinions, products or services expressed or described on them.

Furthermore, the list is only a starting point and excludes applications that are not available either in English or in French, or that are neither low cost nor free. When evaluating online timesheet tracking tools for your organization, you will probably consider many other factors.

BDC will review and edit this list regularly. If you are a vendor and would like us to consider adding your solution, please contact us.

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