Financial support and resources available for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Support for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Business Valuation

A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Do you know how much your business is worth? Are you looking to buy a business? Discover which factors affect the value of a company and find out what steps you need to take to establish a fair price when buying or selling a business.

You’ll discover:

  • How to choose a business valuator and prepare to work with them
  • The three most commonly used valuation methods
  • Valuation examples for common valuation methods
  • Five valuation mistakes to avoid
  • Why value differs from price

Preparing for a valuation

Learn how to choose a valuator, discover the different levels of valuation and understand the information you need to prepare to complete it.

Valuing a company

Find out how income-, market- and asset-based approaches to business valuation differ from one another, with clear and simple examples to help you understand.

Price and value

Discover why price and value can differ from one another as well as the four main factors that can move the price away from value.

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