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What you’ll learn

To prepare a business for sale, you need to know what your company is worth. Discover how to work with a valuator, methods they use to determine the value of your business and how valuation impacts price.

Topics covered

  • Choosing a business valuator

    What you need to prepare for your first appointment

  • Understanding the valuation process

    See examples of the three most common valuation methods

  • How to avoid five common valuation pitfalls

    Managing expectations around value fluctuations

  • Assessing the difference between value and price

    How market assumptions and buyer demand affect value




14 pages

Read time

13-minute read


Change of ownership

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Who is it for?


Learn how valuation affects both buyers and sellers when determining a fair price for a business transfer.

Financial managers

Understand your role in preparing documents for the valuator.

Sales managers

Discover how customer sales data and product margins are used in the valuation process.

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