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What you’ll learn

Discover essential steps to prepare your business for sale, including finding buyers, boosting the value of your business and creating a trusted advisory team.

Topics covered

  • Plan your exit strategy

    How to get the best price and conditions and leave a business legacy.

  • Find the right buyer for your business

    Understand the pros and cons of selling to insiders versus outside buyers versus family members.

  • Six tips to boost the value of your business

    How to maximize pre-sale value with smart investments and cutting back expenditures.

  • Financing the sale

    How to structure the financing package and the types of financing available for business acquisitions and transfers.




12 pages

Read time

7-minute read


Change of ownership

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Who is it for?


Understand how to choose a buyer and your responsibilities when selling your legacy business.

Financial managers

How to maintain and boost the value of your company to benefit the buyer and seller.


Build a trusted advisory team to structure the sale of your company.

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