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Free eBook: Buying an ERP system

How to avoid common pitfalls and maximize your ROI

Selecting the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has never been more complex. Get our top tips for selecting the right software for your business and avoiding common pitfalls.

Find out:

  • The main benefits of ERP systems
  • 8 factors that make ERP system selection difficult
  • The two main approaches to ERP system selection
  • A proven strategy to help minimize risks and costs
  • A pricing formula to help you compare vendor offerings
  • The four critical areas of vendor contracts


Understanding the ERP systems market

Get an overview of the ERP systems market and find out how to improve your odds of success when choosing and implementing a system.

Selecting your ERP system

Discover the two main approaches to selecting an ERP system and the pros and cons of choosing highly customized software.

Calculating the total cost of ownership

Get acquainted with the pricing formula used by IT professionals to determine the total cost of owning an ERP system over a defined period of time.

Understanding vendor contracts

Find out why vendor contracts are critically important and which contractual norms you need to watch out for.

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