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What you’ll learn

Find out what it takes to successfully purchase a business in Canada. Learn what to look for when buying a business, how to structure an acquisition and how to prepare for challenges or delays.

Topics covered

  • Find the right company to buy

    Five questions to start your search when acquiring a business.

  • The link between valuation and price

    Understand common methods of valuation that determine the market price of a business.

  • How to close the sale

    Learn about due diligence and how to structure financing for an acquisition.

  • Prepare to take over a new business

    How to ensure an effective transfer of leadership.




23 pages

Read time

16-minute read


Start or buy a business

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Who is it for?


Get hands-on advice on how to find, prepare and purchase a business.

Financial managers

Learn the methodology used to valuate and price a business for sale.

HR managers

How the first 100 days goes is essential to company culture in the aftermath of a business acquisition.

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