Financial support and resources available for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Support for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

A Practical Guide to Buying a Business in Canada

Get hands-on advice to purchase a company

Find out what it takes to successfully purchase a business in Canada. Learn about the main challenges involved in buying a business and practical advice to overcome them.

You’ll discover:

  • How to find a prospective business to purchase
  • Various methods used to value a business and negotiate a purchase price
  • Tips to successfully complete your due diligence and structure your financing
  • Advice to finalize your letter of intent and purchase agreement
  • How to ensure a successful leadership transfer


Finding the right company to buy

Define your potential acquisition requirements and discover quick ways to gauge a potential acquisition.

Handling valuation and financing

Learn how to value the business, complete your due diligence and structure a flexible capital structure

Taking over the business

Find out what you need to do to successfully take control of a business and merge its operations with those of an existing company.

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