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Learn the ins and outs of purchasing commercial property, from budgeting, to negotiating, to avoiding common pitfalls, so you can successfully navigate one of the biggest transactions an entrepreneur can make.

Find out:

  • 8 essential advisors who can steer you through the process
  • 7 steps to negotiating a purchase agreement that serves your interests
  • Real estate financing options and loan-approval tips
  • 8 hidden costs and how to budget effectively


Is buying commercial real estate right for you?

Discover what clues indicate that it makes sense for you to purchase your place of business.

Who can help you?

Learn how the right team of advisors can help you navigate the purchase of your commercial property and avoid common pitfalls.

Choosing a property and preparing to negotiate

Key questions to ask when selecting a property and effective tactics for helping you close the best deal.

Financing your new place of business

Discover the different types of loans available and essential tips for getting your application approved.

Moving in and transitioning to your new space

Guidelines for a smooth transition to your new location with limited disruption to your business.

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