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What you’ll learn

In this step-by-step guide, learn how to buy a property for your business. This includes how to locate the right property, how get financing and negotiate the best purchase price.

Topics covered

  • Decide if owning commercial real estate is the best option

    Assess your business needs to determine if renting or owning property is your best option.

  • Financial considerations before you purchase commercial real estate

    Understand interest rates, working capital and potential business disruption costs when making a move.

  • Build the right team of advisors

    Create a team of experts to navigate the sale of your business property.

  • How to secure financing for your real estate purchase

    Seven ways to optimize your application for a commercial real estate or business loan.




37 pages

Read time

23-minute read


Money and finance

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Who is it for?


Discover the right questions to ask when determining if buying commercial real estate is right for your business.

Financial managers

Learn about eight hidden costs of business real estate transactions and how to include them in your budget.

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